April 17, 2012

Beatrice and Louise

I am such a sucker.  A teacher at my daughter's school has mice for their class pets in her classroom.  One of them had babies and she's been looking for homes for them. Of course my daughter asked and of course my wife didn't say no and of course I got ambushed last week with her sitting on the couch when I got home using her big eyes on me with a carefully written persuasive note in her hand on why I should let her take in a mouse. "Mama said it's up to you."

I folded like a lawn chair.

Yesterday she came home with two cute little furry brown mice.  When it was time to name them she thought of Secrets at Sea, our most recent read aloud.  Lousie and Beatrice are two of the mouse sisters in the story.   The two mice we've adopted look exactly alike except one of them has a pink tail and one has a brown tail.  So since Beatrice like to dress up in the story, she is the pink-tailed mouse and the other is now Louise.


Ms. Yingling said...

In my house, it was hamsters. We had a dwarf hamster named Gimli (what else?) and another named Miss Bianca. Even the dog is Sylvie from The Great Good Thing! (Caution: none of these rodents live long. Be prepared.)

Linda at teacherdance said...

We had guinea pigs. I had rats in the classroom. Actually, both make nice pets & I had a pet mouse another time. Enjoy the furry soft things. Your daughter will become a writer someday & make up more stories about them.

Jim Randolph said...

Ms. Yingling,

Oh, she's had experience with mice and their short life spans.


She's definitely having all kinds of adventures with them!