May 18, 2012

School: Reality-Free Zone

It's perfectly legal for women to breastfeed their children in public, but according to some middle and high school librarians that carry this periodical, apparently it's not always okay for a breastfeeding woman to appear on the cover of a magazine.

Weird country we live in.


C.B. James said...

Well, I know this opinion won't win me any friends, but that cover looks like more trouble than it would be worth to me if I were a middle or high school librarian.

That's a cover that's going to be stolen, I bet.

Jim Randolph said...

Different librarians are handling it different ways. I was actually more shocked by the people who made sure it never even made it to the librarian's desk. We're the ones trained to deal with these issues.

I think the cover might cause some giggles and I can see limiting access due to those problems, but stolen? Really? I see real life women breastfeeding in public showing more than this cover does.

Whatever floats their boat, I guess.


Renee Rogers said...

To me, that cover is more a sociopolitical statement than a representative image of breastfeeding. It was suggested to me that the issue might best be kept behind the desk. I didn't. And it walked the first day it was on the shelf.

Jim Randolph said...

Oh I get the point of the cover. I just think it's funny that something as relatively innocuous as part of a not very big boobie on the cover of a magazine is cause for alarm. And theft, in your case. I wonder if it was stolen for prurient interests or to block prurient interests?