September 26, 2012

Daddy's Going to Be Playing A Game Called "Putting Crap Together"

That's what My Lovely Bride said to my daughter on Sunday when she was telling her the rundown of what was going on for the rest of the day.  I had just gotten back from Best Buy with a new wireless router and a new printer and had to get to work.  So apparently it's a game.  I guess if you get it all working in under an hour or so without too much cussing or having to call any 800 numbers you win?  Then I suppose I won. The router was actually easier than I expected.  The printer was fine, it just has more features than the old one to figure out.

Best Buy sure looks different then the last time I was there.  Much more service-oriented and much less tall shelving.  Most people there seemed to be looking at phones or TVs.  I only went there because for once they had something on sale that Amazon didn't.

So what do you do with old but perfectly working electronics?  Ebay them?  The router would be fine but I'm not sure I'd want to ship a laser printer.  I wouldn't know how much to charge.  Maybe I'll donate it or recycle it if I can figure out where to do that.