September 28, 2012

Today, Part Deux

Things I could write rants about but will try to refrain from:

The new Mimio shipment and the screwups that has entailed.
The myriad problems with taking checks at the book fair.
The problems with checking out cameras to staff.

So it's about 11 now and I had to spend most of the last hour on those Mimios doing a job that should have been done before we ever received them, but I'll let that one go for now.  I also had a class in here first thing this morning on the computers.  Some of them had gotten new headphones and left their trash on the floor.  Silly kids, your names were written on the packaging.  I took them down to their class, gave the pile to the teacher and told her about the name thing.  She had a sparkly laugh as she was about to tear into them.  Heh heh.

Helped a staff member with a camera.  Helped the new ESOL teacher who just got a student who speaks NO English.  She had a panicked look on her face, but when I taught ESOL I found those to be the most rewarding students. I pointed her to this, a great resource: Help! They Don't Speak English!

Now it's really 11 and the clerk has to go to lunch duty so I'll be alone with a K class preview.  The horror!

Actually, that class was great.  They were 1st grade and she's one of the recent Teacher of the Year winners--and for good reason.  They were well prepared and acted accordingly.  Made life so much easier.

So now, a brief reprieve while I gulp down lunch, check email and prepare for my two upcoming Specials Classes.  5th grade, then 3rd grade.  I set up an area in a corner with a projector cart and a portable screen since the book fair is taking up the whole middle of the Media Center.  They'll sit on the floor and we'll do a light lesson this (and next) week.

More later...