December 31, 2012

I Double Dog Dare Ya!

I have a list with 82 books that I'd like to read.  I think I own about 50 of those at the moment.  And there's other books I own and haven't read.  So it's that time of year in which, to keep this list (and my bookshelves) from getting out of control, I am signing up with book blogger C.B.'s TBR Double Dog Dare!  He even made a video of his TBR stack bookcase!  I can't do the same since about half of mine is on a Kindle and the other half is spread throughout the house (and probably further).

It's a great reading dare.  You just promise to only read books you've already bought or have on your library queue for the time between January 1 and April 1.  It'd somehow appropriate that it end's on April Fool's Day, no?

So three months of reading what you've stashed.  You can still buy books; you just can't read those until after the dare is over.  C.B. prefers "dare" to "challenge" and I heartily agree.  A dare I can do.  Challenges just seem like something I'd fight against.  And why fight something as fun as reading? These are all books I've bought and wanted to read at some point, right?  No problems, then.  Just gotta buckle down and do it.

I usually make exceptions for my book clubs.  For my face-to-face book club that just means one book.  It's one that isn't available for Kindle and my library has it but since it's the March pick I don't want to request it until the end of February.  The others I already have or have read.  My online book club picks month to month so there's no way I can buy ahead.  I've already bought and read the January pick, though. And since I dont' have to see those folks face-to-face I may skip a couple of them if they dont' grab me, since I'll be busy reading backlog.  Of course, if they're good picks they'll just end up on the backlog for next year so we'll have to see.  I give myself permission to buy those if needed.

But other than that, I'm good!  I have a neat stack next to my bed and just cashed in a fat Amazon gift card to fill up the Kindle.  I'm holding back my other fat gift card I got for after the Double Dog Dare!

Because what better way to celebrate reading a bunch of books off your pile than to buy more books!
I know, die hard readers are crazy.

But it's a good kind of crazy.

What are you looking forward to reading in 2013?