January 15, 2013

Sweet Apology

A girl brought me a book back last week and said while it was checked out in her name a young man "thought it was his copy and colored in it."  I know the young man she was referring to and knew not only did he probably do it, but that he also probably knew it was a library book and didn't care.  I also knew he never takes responsibility for anything and would be sure to blame someone else.

It turned out to be colored in parts but also written in with a marker.  He swore he only colored it and was quick to throw another student under the bus for the marker writing.  I can tell when he's lying because his mouth is moving.  But in the interest of thoroughness  I checked out his story.  A handwriting analysis provided by the teacher (yes, teachers can do anything) showed that the girl he blamed did in fact write in the book.  But since he had told her it was his book she wasn't in as much trouble as he was.  The administrator who took up the issue kept him longer, but made her write me an apology.

I get a few apologies of this type every so often and one thing they rarely are is sincere.  This one actually seems to mean what it says.

Dear Mr. Randolph, 
I am so so so sooo sorry I damaged a book. Now that I know it is a library book I feel real guilty  I will not do it ever never ever never again. I will pray for you tonite that not another student would do what I just did. I love reading. I also am inspired by you. You show emotion when you read. You do a great job of reading and you do a great job on organizing books. Again I am sorry. 
[name withheld]

If that wan't a real apology then she's doing a great job of faking it and really knows how to butter up the librarian, no?


Beth said...

When we came across small marks in a library books, I always told my kids (especially the youngest) "a naughty kid must have done that." N's eyes would get huge and shocked -- these naughty kids know nothing sacred, obviously.

It's funny, because we blame "little kids who don't know any better" for scratches on library DVDs, but it's naughtiness that messes up picture books. Flagrant naughtiness.

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

Kids are great, aren't they? That's a neat story. You can bet that girl probably won't deface a library book ever again.