January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Some blogs post photos.  I take many photos, but haven't been posting them, so one of my resolutions this year will be to post a photo every Wednesday.  I don't know why Wednesday particularly, I guess it's just the alliteration but hey, who am I to argue over tradition?

The above is from over the break which, for me, ends today.  That's my daughter Harper enjoying two of her new presents, an owl pillow from a friend and one of her many Babysitter's Club comic books she tore through in no time.  She loved them and can't wait for more.  I told her they're based on a long-running series of chapter books but I don't know if she cares about that.  She seems to love them as comics.  We also finished the Harry Potter series and read The One and Only Ivan and Turtle in Paradise aloud over the break.

Ah, the break.  Miss it already...

[Just realized.  This is hardly "wordless." If I'm gonna yap about the pictures I need a different title.  Maybe Photo Fridays?  Hmmm...]