March 14, 2013

Google, I just...don't even...

Yes, Google is killing their feed reader.  Sigh.  So switching to wasn't a big whoop, but I'm getting tired of Google's crap, so I'm seriously thinking of slowly cutting the cord with them.

Here's a Lifehacker article from last year called Going Google-Free.

Yeah!  Stick it to those Google-glass-wearing weirdos! (Those things seem just icky to me.)

The first step for me will be switching from Chrome.  That will be slightly bumpy, but I've used Firefox and Safari before, so it t won't hurt.  Then the one that will make me happiest is making my default browser something other than Google.  I like Duck Duck Go and Refseek better anyway.

Just those changes will be enough, probably.  But if I decide to go further, I'd get back into Zoho because they have free email, docs, wikis, and a dashboard kinda like the old iGoogle.

But will I ever stray from Blogger?  And I don't think I can ever get away from Youtube...

Dammit, Google!  Why can't you quit messing with my feng shui!