March 10, 2013

Ok, this is new.

We went out to the garage to get a new roll of paper towels and there's a bird's nest in there! This is confusing on many levels. First of all, our garage door, while open frequently (and most of the time on the weekends) is closed more than it's open so when did the little buggers do this?

I'm wondering if one of my kid's friends found the nest and shoved it in there? But it doesn't look that way. It looks like it was built in there. But I'm obviously not an expert.

I have seen birds in the garage many times but lets say one was trapped in there for a while. It's not like there's THAT much stuff to make a nest out of.

So any bird experts out there? Could a bird (or more than one) really build this nest here? Would they? And how long does it take them to build one?

We're afraid to disturb it and so haven't even got more paper towels out of there!