June 22, 2013

How was your first official day of summer?

Ours was great.  We spent the morning kayaking.  We found a cool little spot with a mini waterfall we splashed around in for a bit before heading back out onto the water.  After that we went home, had lunch and then...napped.  The ten-year-old went to see Monster's University and swimming with her friends.  They dropped her off first but it was still pretty late.  Around ten-thirty at night.  So the way that scene played out went like this:

They pulled up in a minivan and a Chinese Fire Drill of these little wet girls came scrambling out and bopping around our cul-de-sac to see what I was up to.  I'd brought out my binocs and telescope and had the binocs on a tripod aimed at the moon and the telescope aimed at Saturn.  While My Lovely Bride and the chauffeur mama talked, I made sure everyone got a peek at the moon and Saturn through the scope.  Even the mama.  As she rounded up the rest of the wet and giggling young ladies back into the van, she said, "That was such a neat experience!"

So, yeah.  Pretty cool Summer Solstice for us.  Hope you had a good one too.