January 24, 2014

Hey, I Have A Blog!

I almost forgot.  In fact, I think I was pretty much done with this until someone brought it up to me last night.

I was at our monthly Guys Who Read book club.  We were finishing our discussion of Bill Bryson's delightful A Short History of Nearly Everything and looking ahead to next month's pick, Patrick DeWitt's wonderful The Sisters Brothers.  Someone asked who chose it and Alan raised his hand and said he did from reading my review way back when. He'd read it on my recommendation and picked it for the book club this year. So here was this table of guys nodding their heads and thinking I have a blog.

Little do they know that I've barely blogged this year.  There are a number of reasons for this.  I don't have a clerk at school, so I'm way too busy most days to even think about it.  I used to get to school early and have a bit of time to myself and I used to sometimes use that time to write a post.  No more.  At my new school we're on an earlier schedule so when I get here it's go go go right away.  I rarely have a sit down lunch and after school I'm knackered.  I don't have much time at home because when I'm home I like to be with my girls and read.

I also don't always feel I have much to say.  There are so many better book bloggers.  There are so many better librarian bloggers.  It's so much easier to share stuff quickly on Twitter.  (Of course I don't post much there, either.  I tend to use it like I did my feed reader.)

But!  Who cares, right?  This is my little 40 acres of the 'net and I can do whatever I want with it.  If I had to do it all over I'd probably start a more general purpose blog about everything I was interested in and not make it just about education or books or whatever.  So I wouldn't call it "teacherninja" for crying out loud. But I'm stuck with the name and I am a librarian in an elementary school, so it kinda fits as long as I post some library-ish thing once in a while I suppose.

Anyway, I guess this is me saying I remember I have a blog and now I will try to brainstorm some post ideas and keep you up to date on whatever it is I'm thinking about.  I'll have to figure out a schedule so I can set aside certain times to write or I'll never do it.

Some possible posts in the not too distant future:

Bill Bryson's book and the book club meetings
We got a puppy for crying out loud
The TBR TRIPLE Dog Dare is going on!
I just registered for the 45th GA Children's Book Award Conference
I'm leading an interesting Reader's Rally quiz show team
I was on the committee that picked the Reader's Rally books for next year
Other stuff I've read, seen , listened to
The continuing adventures of reading aloud with the kid
That dang puppy and all her crap
The funny stuff I see in this job of mine
Anything else you want to know about...

Until then...stay tuned.