February 5, 2014

Introducing my new site for geeky parents and kids!

logo & name used w/permission
Okay, I thought about it and with much help and encouragement from the friendly folks over at the Sword & Laser Goodreads forum, I have indeed set up my own separate Goodreads group and even a website to go with it.

Introducing the Sword& Laser Kids site and Goodreads Group.

From now on you can go there for monthly discussions of science fiction and fantasy books for kids.

Read, comment, ask questions, tell all your geeky friends with kids and join me on this new journey.

Thanks to Sean Sandulak for the altered S&L artwork, to Rob for the help setting up the Goodreads forum, and especially to Tom & Veronica for creating such an inspiring mini-media empire in Sword & Laser.