May 22, 2007

School's Out!

Well, one more day with kids and two "planning" days, but we're basically done. I will only blog sporadically at best until August, but here's a bunch of links to keep you reading and thinking.

How to get a bunch of free stuff.

What your boss wants from you.

How to find the perfect parking spot at that big event this summer.

Confessions of a Verizon sales rep, so you don't get ripped off.

Search Google like an expert.

Simple productivity. Focus on the essentials.

Making Gmail into the perfect GTD system. I love this. Google's Gmail set up like this, Google Calendar and a bunch of blank 3x5 notecards are now my complete GTD system. Who knew changing your life would be so easy?

Lazy productivity. There's a T-shirt that says "I'm organized because I'm too lazy to look for stuff." That's why I needed GTD. If anyone says, "I'm too lazy to get organized," say back, "I'm too lazy not to be."

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. Forward this one. Inspiring!

Idaho Legislature Declares English... Us ELL teachers get this one. Sheesh.

Have a great summer! I'll be reading Harvey's Strategies That Work again for my teaching chops. Post any comments about that or anything else below. And don't just be a teacher, be a teacher ninja!