November 30, 2007

Books Read 2007 (part 5)

Even with the cover photo of a mountian, this is a departure for Krakauer. It is ostensibly about a murder perpetrated by some whacked-out Mormon fundamentalists. These are not your garden-variety loopy Mormons. These are a splinter group of deeply paranoid and dangerous people called the Mormon Fundamentalists who could be called the American Taliban except they're in Canada and Mexico as well. The book ranges all through Mormon and American history to show the evolution (or de-evolution) of Mormonism and this faction which has become a one of the more dangerous cults around.

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toni said...

I walked by this book 5 days a week for a couple of years and thought it was just another Into Thin Air, man against the elements book (that mountain really threw me off)! Then one day I actually picked it up and read what it was about. Being a spiritual vampire I have to read a book on wayward Mormons.