November 30, 2007

Books Read 2007 (part 6)

I'd never read one of Christopher Moore's books and for some reason had been reluctant to do so. I had heard comparisons with Carl Hiaasen, who I love, but also with Tom Robbins, who I like ok but don't love. Comedy is hard to pull off in and extended narrative, so I was tentative. This was great. It was up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series and that is high praise indeed. The best part was that my book club arranged a private audience with Mr. Moore for and hour or so before a book signing event. We got to just sit around on comfortable chairs peppering him with questions and letting him regale us. He's just as warm and funny as his books would lead you to imagine and the twinkle in his eyes proves that this is how he really sees the life and the world. Life can be hard, it can even be a dirty job, but it's just so absurd and so damn funny--how can you not love it? I listened to the CD audio and must say that Parker Stevens nailed it. Check out the Christopher Moore's website--it's great.