November 27, 2007


I've been tagged by Toni at Sew Transformed. I am to reveal seven weird or random things about myself. I will steal from Toni because she is cool.

1) I wear my (work) clothes in a certain order. Not because I'm OCD or, like Toni, because I want to share the clothing "love." It's just so they wear more evenly and I don't need to decide anything in the groggy a.m. I hang the clean stuff on the right and pull stuff from the left to wear.

2) Some celebrities I have met, other than Toni (not on purpose): Paul Newman, Kenny Rogers, Markie Post, Russell Banks, Tom Wolfe, Harlan Ellison, Andrei Cordescu, David Sedaris and more. I obviously worked at a bookstore for quite a while.

3) I hate to cook but can make a great and complicated rich chocolate cake from scratch.

4) I have Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac on my iPod. I think.

5) Boxers.

6) It's not calendars and planners for me, but notebooks. Hmmmmm. Went through the Moleskine phase. Now a Milquerius. Contemplating a Levenger Circa. Those Levenger bastards! I try to escape, but they pull me back in!

7) Favorite reality show/blog: Brotherhood 2.0

On to you, Juggling Frogs.