January 9, 2008

Off to the Library

This morning, I'm taking the third through fifth grade ESOL students on a field trip--to the new branch of the public library that opened four miles from the school last year. I've talked it up this whole time but only one or two of my students has a library card. I'm hoping this will get them excited about it and they'll talk their parents into going back and getting them a card and, you know, actually visit the library once in a while.

I'll let you know how it goes.


toni said...

I'm sure that the library was sort of an abstract concept to them before. But once they see all of the books and the possibilities, they will be begging their parents to take them regularly!!

Teacherninja said...

Thank you! That's the hope. This is a BRAND NEW library with BRAND NEW books only 3.5 miles from the school. Why they aren't there all the time, I don't know. I hope they badger their folks into going as often as you say.