January 9, 2008

What's Your Favorite Kind of Berry?

The Li-berry!

The kids had a ball and were all good. The librarian showed them around including the adult Spanish books, English learning materials, the children's biligual books and just all the cool things they might not have thought of like read-alonds and DVDs. She read them a story and passed out bookmarks and stuff, then I put them in scavenger hunt teams and they had the run of the place for the next half-hour or so.

I had to keep repeating that it was all free because they just didn't quite believe me. They watched my partner teacher and I check out books like hawks, man, just to see how it was done. My partner let some of the girls check hers out in Spanish on the touch-screen so they could show their parents how. They all laughed at me when I got busted with a fine.

Well, it's free as long as you're on time!

Now to see if they get their parents to take them back...