February 15, 2008

New Teacher Tool

Scholastic has something alled thoer Book Wizard which is supposed to help you find different books on similar themes. For example I'm reading Gordon Korman's exciting On the Run series to some ESOL fourth graders. The books are a little vocabulary rich for hem, but the "book wizard" recommended Braouer's Sewer Rats and Harris' Undercover Girl series for similar action/mystery on an easier reading level.

Check it out here.

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Nancy said...

Have you seen NovelList? I think it's proprietary software, and I've seen it in two public libraries. It was here in Athens for awhile and then it disappeared - maybe it's a subscription kind of thing and it was getting underused. I don't know, but I LOVED it, and found many great novels through it. It sounds very similar to what you describe, except not specifically for juvenile lit.