April 23, 2008

80 Years of The Strand

I love that store. I can get there only infrequently, but it's an amazing place. I just discovered this pretty cool book list on their site. I've read 47 of the 80 and have 19 more to go of the ones I want to read. I know 47 and 19 don't equal 80, but I don't want to read everything for crying out loud. I'm sure Dan Brown and Ayn Rand are just peachy, but they're not fo me.

Oh, and my daughter's first name is Harper (see pick #1).


John Dennehy said...

The Strand Rocks! Most book store have a shelf or two for Science books. The Strand's Science section occupies several STACKS!

Nancy said...

I've read 50. There were only a few I wouldn't read, but those few include Dan Brown and Ayn Rand, too! I was happy to see Ender's Game, one of my favorite books ever, included in the list.