April 24, 2008

Commenting Policy

Dear Anonymous: Bite Me.

As of right now, anyone can comment. You don't have to sign in or type in those silly letters or any of that hoo-ha. But I have the freedom to delete any obvious crap. If the spam level gets too high, I'll have to resort to the silly letters but I don't want to waste your time making you sign in.

If you do, however, sign in as "Anonymous" you are in danger of being deleted immediately if you have anything but the nicest of intentions. And don't try to sell me anything.

And Hannah Poling doesn't have autism, you nitwit troll.


Kelvin Oliver said...

Yeah. I really don't have a commenting policy on the blog I have. In similar terms, I will delete any comment that is rude or does not make any sense. On the other hand, I forgot the settings I have for those who want to comment. I know what you mean in this post.

Teacherninja said...

I keep it as open as I can. I think a sure way to drive away (respectable) commentors is to make them jump through too many hoops. I think it's reasonable to set up road blocks as the quantiy rises and the quality (more spam) falls, but just wanted to give fair warning to the trolls.

Thanks for commenting!