May 14, 2008

Getting Girls Into Science!

Dr. Kirsten Sanford is Neurophysiologist and now a science podcaster and science journalist over at This Week In Science. She's also blogging over at I particularly wanted to point out a recent post she had, called The Reason Why. It's something all educators can relate to. I heard her interviewed on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast (love those guys). She's so passionate about her work and related the story in the post and how much it meant to her.

It's a comment from a reader thanking her for being awesome. The commenter's 4th grade daughter had been into science but was getting the "girls don't do that" vibe from her friends. Listening to the cool Dr. Kiki she had the epiphany that it's ok to like science and lip gloss.

"Girls need to know that it is ok to be smart and a girl. Somewhere along the way it seems that the idea was spread that if you are a girl and interested in science, you shouldn’t act like a girl, shouldn’t play with make-up and clothes, put away your curling iron, and just do science. While some girls might find that a relief, many more really enjoy the girlie things in life. Either one should be ok, as long as you’re doing what you enjoy."