May 14, 2008

Teacherninja Is One

Happy birthday to the blog!

One year, just over 300 posts and many interesting experiences. I just looked back at my first post and it wasn't too embarrassing. Notice the hilarious lack of linking, though. It's ok, I learned fast and am still learning every day. It only took a few days to get my first comment from a stranger. That was cool. The commenting didn't start in full until this post about the First Day of School, which I still like.

Here's my first comment from an author. Here's another one. I love authors. They're so cool. I've also met Mo Willems, Christopher Moore, and Jerry Spinelli this year.

Coming full circle, my wife bought me a new Circa notebook for my upcoming graduate coursework. (Because she's so awesome and thoughtful I can't stand it). She got me the letter-sized starter kit. I already have the punch, so went out and got some heavier weight printer paper, punched it and I'm in business. I'll use the Junior for my everyday life and the letter-size for my classes and later, my media center work. Kinda like this Assistant Principal I linked to earlier. I won't go on about my GTD system again here, but it has really worked for me and I'll continue to blog about it and other tips for teachers.

Obviously, I blog about more than just GTD and productivity for teachers. I've expanded my focus to blog about my reading, teaching reading, science and reason, and critical thinking in general. Reading and critical thinking are, to me, the core of what we do and my transition into a Media Specialist is just another logical outgrowth of that.

Thanks must go to all the amazing commenters and fellow bloggers. The blogroll is not just for looks, people! All of those people are awesome and my little half-acre of the web here wouldn't exist without them. Check them out. I'll still be here typing away about things I see as interesting, funny, or just plain cool in this crazy profession I've gotten myself into.

Thanks again and I hope you stick around for the ride!