May 17, 2008

Michael Allen Buckner

(770) 923-9970
He came to my house one night and ran a scam on me. We had just moved into our house a few weeks earlier and he came knocking on our door at around 10pm telling a story about how he lived just down the street and had seen my lights on and his kid needed a prescription and he'd left his wallet in his work truck and he'd pay me back after church on Sunday. And I gave him $30. He looked friendlier (and blonder). As soon as he was driving away I slapped my head and knew I'd just been taken. A clear example of me not using my critical thinking skills. Sheesh.
I told everyone I knew about him and heard the same exact story from people all around my county. Now that he's in the clink, I've shared his booking email with many other teachers in our system and again, I keep hearing the same story. I guess if it works for you you keep doing it.
Well, it's not going to work anymore, Mike.


Michael Taylor said...

Years ago my dad taught me to go the extra mile for people. Then you find out if they are telling the truth. He'd have answered this guy by saying, "Sure thing buddy. Hope in the car, let's go down to the drug store and I'll pay for the perscription, but I ain't giving you any cash." If he were legit what father of a sick kid wouldn't take you up on it? If he wasn't he'd start back-peddling and you'd know it was a scam.

Jim Randolph said...

Yeah, as soon as I realized I thought of much better ways to handle it. I even had that medicine and could have given him some, which would have been funny since he was just conning me. He sure couldn't have said no to that!

gary said...
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gary said...

He's a well known scammer in the area and has been running the same scam at least since 7/2005. I know he's been on the news twice, see his court records by following this link.

gary said...
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zarla said...

Yeah, he is VERY active in/around Lilburn right now. There have been about 4 sightings (people who's homes he has been to) that are circulating on e-mail right now. Mainly, he is hitting the Miller/Garner Rd. area and in/around Lilburn/Stn mtn. Rd.
he gets highly agiatate if questioned but, to my knowledge, has not become violent. he is just a pathetic scammer.. Call the Cops if/when he comes to your house. Said to be driving a Dark Blue Jeep Cherokee with a dealer (go figure) tag.....