May 17, 2008

PodBlack Blog

Say "PodBlack Blog" three times real fast!

But no, it's awesome. Another dedicated educational ninja blogging away at about 20x the rate I do. I think over the summer, since my blogging will obviously slow down due to being a slack summertime sloth, I'll focus on other (and probably better) teacher ninjas that are spreading the word about reading and critical thinking. Maybe I'll even try to interview a few of them.

Kylie over at the PodBlack Blog is my first victim. She just commented on a couple of posts here and here), so I felt compelled to check her out. You could spend hours over there trying to sponge up a small portion of her immense braininess. It's an awesome display of insight and thoughtfulness. Check out her great list of Educational Resources and her tantalizing list of Skeptic Readings which are all required! Get to work, people! (Why do I just love lists like this so much?)

And Kylie, if you're reading this: I'm still teaching ELLs. I'll probably be doing it for at least two more years. I only just got accepted to take my Media Specialist classes and won't even start those until August. Working full time and taking classes, I'll be lucky to be a newly minted school librarian by 2010. But to be sure, I''ll be making sure your Skeptic Readings are an essential part of my collection! (I actually already own a good chunk of them myself...)