June 12, 2008

Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea

Took me long enough to read it, but I kept putting it down for other things. It's not because the book is difficult or dry or anything like that. No, I think it's just that Carl Zimmer, being a magazine science writer first lends to being read in sips and chunks. I also wanted to process each section before going on to the next one. The book is actually a spin off of a larger Evolution Project by PBS including a television series now on DVD. I picked it up after reading Bryson's fantastic and funny A Short History of Nearly Everything and finding this great list by Phyrangula and his legion of knowledgeable commenters. Yes, I want to read them all!

My daughter calls it my "eyeball book" and often took it off my nightstand to look at all the eyes and ask me to name each one.

Most highly recommended.