June 10, 2008

My Mind Is On Vacation

Actually it's not, but everything else is. Sarasota is lovely and my daughter is having a ball with her grandparents. I'm reading a lot, which I'll blog about soon. Finished Carl Zimmer's Evolution and a book of Robert Ingersoll speeches which knocked me out. Still poking at the novel daily, but will have to increase productivity upon my return home next week.

As for the blog, well, keep checking out the shared items to the right and making your way through the Blogroll. I'm still checking comments and the feed reader so I'm not completely out of the loop. But mostly, I'm just chillin'. (Don't have a cool hammock like that guy, though...) Even when I get back my lack of posts may continue. I'll be sweating out the novel (deadline July 31) and then transitioning back into school where I hope to get back into the more regular posting and embarking on my Media Specialist degree come August.

Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you're enjoying the summer as well!