September 26, 2008

Gang Lit

Request for ideas:

One of my third graders came to school with a broken arm.  The official story told was that it was from a biking accident.  I have come to find out that a gang member twisted it until it broke.  After they revealed this, my third graders when on to tell about the two main gangs in their trailer park and which ones they wanted to be in when they were old enough, though I think some of them might already be participating.

It was all very depressing but I'd like to know more.  I'd like to read them a good chapter book to get the discussion going, but is there anything suitable for their age group?  Is there a Scorpions or Buried Onions for them?  Those are more for the YA crowd.  I'm stumped and don't have much time to devote to digging around.  Any suggestions?