September 25, 2008

Get On That Technology Bandwagon!

This morning the always relevant Scott Mcleod had some great links, including this great one from Wesley Fryer.  Hilarious but sad.  It goes right along with what we've been discussing in our Information Technology class.  Remember the article we had to read for this class?  It describes a county that went whole hog buying SMART Boards for every classroom and are having a hard time keeping them up and getting people trained.  You just know some of those $3000 puppies are collecing dust or are being used as nothing more than fancy overheads.

I don't know what the answer is, but I think it might involve presenting the new technology, trying to get some teacher buy-in, then giving them a choice of technologies.  Some will lead the charge with the new interactive whiteboards and get others onboard.  Others could settle for $700 LCD projectors.  If the district leaders still have money burning a hole in their collective pocket, still others could buy some colorful and interactive, you know, books.  Just imagine $3000 for your classroom library.