October 20, 2008


Two awesome events at my favorite kid's book store this week, and I can only go to one of them! Help me decide!

On Tuesday evening YA author John Green and his musically "talented" brother Hank will be at the Little Shop of Stories in Decatur for John to sign his new book Paper Towns and Hank to be all goofy and sing.  Yes, a gathering of Nerdfighters!  They fight world suck and are made of awesome! I love these guys and can't believe they're going to be in town.  I'm a grown man trying not to wet his pants over two nerdy brothers.  How strange is that?

On Thursday at the same shop is my regular monthly book club.  The traditions of the book club has recently changed in that we often make our way down the block to my favorite pub, The Brick Store and quaff a few after the basic booktalk.  And this month's discussion?  The Book Thief. Which I picked.  So I feel a bit obligated.

Now remember, I have big projects in grad school.  The Nerdfighter event will probably end early and I might even get home to get work done.  The book club/beerfest would clearly wipe me out that evening.  But maybe that's a good thing, I don't know.

I can't decide.  What do you think?