October 22, 2008

John Green

He was at The Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA last night with me and around a hundred other Nerdfighters.  He signed books first so he could dash off and catch a plane.  Haven't read the new book, Paper Towns, yet but hear he's getting better and better. Have you read Looking for Alaska (my review) or An Abundance of Katherines? He was funny, charming, dorky and, as always, well spoken.

He did his Happy Dance for us, answered questions, told us secrets, and even introduced his high school buddies who had shown up.  He had nothing but praise for his young adult readers and emphasized his surprise and delight at their thoughtful reading.  Finally, he emphasized the importance of empathy in fiction and in life.

It was a treat.

DFTBA.  (don't forget to be awesome)


Diana (in Decatur) said...

Next time let me know and I'll meet you down there. Glad you had fun!

Kathy said...

wish I could have gone, but having 3 kids kinda prevents me from doing anything FUN during the week - LOL!

Teacherninja said...

@diana--Yes! Will do. You let me know of anything good coming as well. What's going into the old mick's spot?

@kathy--3 kids?! I guess you have your own nerdfighter tribe to keep up with!

kiri8 said...

Oh man, I wish I had been there. I read "Katherines" and loved it. I just got "Paper Towns" from the library --I've been on the waiting list for months -- but haven't been able to read it yet. Have to read "Memory Keeper's Daughter" for book club, first. :o(

Teacherninja said...

It was great to see him. And don't be sad, I've heard great things about Memory Keeper's Daughter.