November 12, 2008

$500 Fine for School Librarian

You just gotta give me a break.  Seen this yet?  High school librarian and father proudly displays his daughter's first graphic novel, a novelization of a Shakespeare play for crying out loud, and is hit with an ethics code violation.  Bureaucracies, I tell you!  He was giving it away, so there was no personal gain!  I mean who wouldn't mention it, especially when it's a Shakespeare comic--that's just the kind of stuff school librarians love to push.  Too bad he couldn't have gotten a lawyer for the case.

Here's the Amazon link.  Maybe she'll sell a few more copies and help her dad pay off the fine.


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doug0077 said...

Hi Ninja,

The sweet irony of this is that the article and controversy will sell more books that his parental endorsement would have!

Interesting world.