November 11, 2008

Steve Jenkins on Science

Man he's good!  If you don't already have the I.N.K. (Interesting Non-fiction for Kids) blog on your reader, here's an excellent example of why you should.  Now, yes, an argument could be made that there's not really one definitive scientific method, but the diagram does get the basic idea across. You certainly need a testable hypothesis and that hypothesis has to be falsifiable.  It's also a good idea to share your results so that others can benefit from your work, but not needed in every day science.  Like when you lose stuff.  Where's the TV remote, you ask yourself.  Maybe it's stuck in the couch.  Now you have a hpothesis that is testable.  You look in the couch.  If it's there, great; if not it's time to revise your hypothesis; and so on.

But isn't it a lovely post?  I told him in the comments that I only wish he could turn it into a picture book for grown ups!  I guess that's why we have blogs...