November 11, 2008

Moldy Books

Is this a common problem?  I realize as a future media specialist that books get old and often need repair.  Pages get torn or scribbled on.  But what do you do when the physical building has problems?  Would dehumidifiers work for this?  Is this stuff I'll learn in my SLM program or am I on my own with these issues?

And what about critters?


Ok, now I'm getting the creeps.

(photo CC Celeste on flickr)


Ms. Yingling said...

The only mold problems I have are when students get their backpacks wet, and that's usually only about three books a year. Or they leave them out on the lawn and someone mows over them. Really? I haven't heard of any buildings with problems, so breathe deeply. And learn all you can about different adhesives and tapes-- that's what I spend more time doing!

Kathy said...

I agree with what mrs. yingling said - and I never leanred anything about book repair in class, that is all on the job training - make sure you choose a GOOD media specialist to intern with - that will be your TRUE education!! I was lucky and was not working the first year I did my master's, so I spent a year volunteering/ interning with a FABULOUS media specialist and I still use many of the things I learned in that year to this day (including my book fair letter).