November 10, 2008

Comments! It's All About Comments!

So after reading this, I thought, sure why not? How hard can it be?  Harder than I thought, mostly on the weekends ironically enough.  This past weekend I was in grad school class all day Saturday, then busy playing with my daughter and doing stuff around the house so My Lovely Bride could get caught up for parent conference week (yes it can be good having two teachers in the house, but it can be a challenge when things like conference week over lap).

But I've done it--a minimum of five comments a day.  Some long, yesterday's mostly short.  A couple even longer than my typical postings.

I've noticed a bump in comments around here as well and have even added a few new blogs to my reader because of them, so I think the plan is working.  Thanks!


Five days down and sixteen more to go.  I'll either have a new habit or be so sick of sign-ins and those sucky "word verification" forms that you'll never hear from me again.

So far it's leaning towards habit, so there's hope...