November 6, 2008

Comment Challenge

Over at The Miss Rumphius Effect, Tricia passed along a challenge.  In an effort to bring the children's book blogs (aka the "kidlitosphere") together a few folks have come up with the idea of everyone who wants to join in posting comments on at least five of these kind of blogs a day. Apparently there may be prizes.

I'm doing it because as a K-5 teacher and future media specialist these kind of blogs are invaluable to me.  I'm pretty busy and the content in my own blog has suffered, I'm sure and I know my commenting has (which was never robust to begin with).  I appreciate these blogs and am taking up the challenge of posting comments on five of them a day for the next 21 days.

Comments are always welcome here as well, but I do not fancy myself a kid lit blogger.  I obviously have many posts on reading and children's books but book reviewing is not a focus here (though there have been a few).  Perhaps that will change over the next few weeks as I make more of an effort to comment away.

This commenting thing is one of the best things about blogging.  It's the reason I added a "recent comment" feed on the right hand side of this blog, to honor my commentors.  They rock so hard.

So go ahead.  Give it a shot.  You'll make some lonely bloggers very happy.

(photo cc jschneid, flickr)


MotherReader said...

You don't have to fancy yourself a kid lit blogger for us to pull you over to the dark side. ;^)

Christine said...

I've opted into the comment challenge and you are one of my five for today. Just being a blogger about kids and their education makes you a kidlit blogger of sorts, I think. Your post about Flat Stanley and the President Elect made me even happier about how I cast my vote.

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, christine, and I liked your post about the breast cancer walk with your family. Wonderful!