November 7, 2008

Obama's Day with Flat Stanley

Check out the whole story here at Fuse #8.  She even has a pdf of the actual letter from then (mid October!)  Senator Obama.

Some kids did that old tried and true lesson where they sent a hand made "Flat Stanley" to someone so he can have more adventures.  This whole class of third graders sent theirs off to various celebrities but only one got a reply.  Here's the newspaper article: Obama's Letter Was Answer to Little Boy's Request.

How cool is that?

(photo cc petitshoo, flickr)


diana in decatur said...

That is incredible! I love the enclosure: flat stanley at the end.

Sarah Laurenson said...

That is seriously cool. And I'm amazed that he was the only one who replied - three times! What a great excerpt from the letter, too. And a great sparking of interest in politics in kids so young. Win-win situation all the way around.

I'd never heard of Flat Stanley before.