January 10, 2009


Our school is being "retrofitted" over the next few weeks and all the classrooms will now have ceiling-mounted LCD projectors that we can use with our laptops. Problem is, the only professional development involved is how to work the things. I think it'd be a good idea to give the teachers a bunch of cool ideas of stuff they can do with them other than just as a stand-in for an overhead or to show boring slide shows.

Any great ideas?

I was thinking of weather tracking, google maps, etc. What other great projection friendly and interactive sites or resources can you point me to?

I love the Internet.

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Kathy said...

we just went through this (and it is quite hellish if you are a memebr of the tech team!) but I did an inservice the day we got back on using United Streaming (aka Discovery stream is what it is called now) - we also just got a subscription to BrainPoP so I went over ways to use this using your projectors and also the Gwinnett Public Library has a subscription to Tumble Books, which is FREE for us to use, so I showed them how to use that.

I wish that the county did not block so many things - like TeacherTube - they have some great things on there to use.

Now though I am afraid that I have become the projector police, the bulbs are INSANLY expensive and I want all my teachers to get into the habit of turning OFF their projectors when not in use - did you hear the county will have a 5% reduction in ALL budgets across the board next year

Kim Kasch said...

What about wikipedia.com and dictionary.com - could you have a scrolling word play?...

And Youtube, with some pre-selected music videos or...

seems like there must be a lot of great learning devices out there.

Teacherninja said...

Thanks guys. Kathy--we need to get schools thinking about internet resources like any other format and have a selection and reconsideration policy, rather than blindly blocking things that *might* cause problems.

Kim--Wikipedia: blocked. Youtube: blocked. Sigh. But you're right--there ARE some good things out there.