January 13, 2009

Andrew Lost

Never read one before and they looked fun so I picked this up off the cart in our media center.  It's funny but tries too hard to squeeze in the science facts.  At least The Magic School Bus doesn't even pretend.  The kid has a robot dog who never shuts up about science trivia during the whole thing.  At least they told C-3PO to put a cork in it every once in a while.

Worst part--it doesn't end!  I know it's a part of a series but it's really more of a chapter.  Most series books have their own beginnings and endings with the main characters and certain themes linking the books, a la Magic Treehouse.

It was funny, though, and the kids were definitely more interesting than those Magic Schoolbus or Magic Treehouse goody-goodies, so it's got that going for it.  I'll have to see if my student's dig them.