January 5, 2009


I'm not sure about this new-fangled Twitter business.  I signed up for an account sometime last year but found it about as interesting as following a chat room (not very) and rarely "tweeted." Then the other day I found an old friend there and pared down my "following" list and set up my cell phone in case I ever got the urge to tweet.  I sent out a few practice tweets and all seemed well. I go out Saturday and forget the whole thing.

I get weird direct messages from people.  They make no sense and the links are bad.  The I get a handful of direct responses that make no sense from people claiming I been sending them bad or weird links.

Smells like phishing to me.

So far: not impressed with the Twitter.

If you've gotten any direct contacts from "teacherninja" in the last 24 hours or so you can ignore them--wasn't me.  I'd apologize to folks on Twitter, but I'm at school now and it's blocked in our district (and my cell doesn't get service in our fortress-like building).

Someone convince me that this thing is worth it, because so far I'm not getting it.

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toni said...

I think the timing was wrong. You signed on right when some people were hijacking accounts and spamming people. Twitter is working on it and it should be back to normal soon. I love twitter and have met a lot of interesting like minded people. It's like insta-bloggging. When you have something to say and don't have time to write a whole post on it.