February 7, 2009

Blog Cleanup

After reading MotherReader's blog advice and blog advice II, I used some precious downtime to prune the sidebar. I've put all my regularly read blogs into the blogrollt. I thought about separating out the various kinds, but decided to go democratic and put them all on one list. Did I forget yours? Let me know.


doug0077 said...


Good thing you have super powers. No way I could follow as many blogs as you.

Thanks for including the Blue Skunk. I am humbled and honored.


Teacherninja said...

Thanks Doug, but not all of them post very often and I don't always read every single post. Like anything, it's always a balance between what you like to read and how much time you have.

Ms. Yingling said...

I didn't see MsYinglingReads, but it's early. Have I offended thee, o Teacher Ninja?

And I have to make a pie like that one!

Teacherninja said...

Ahhhh! I shall fix it immediately! And enjoy the pi/pie.