March 12, 2009

Hard Decisions

It's getting tough all over, especially when it comes to making choices these days.  I was just struck by this reading two powerful and interesting posts in my reader.

The first one comes from the great Science Goddess and she wants to know if there's a better way of deciding when teachers are displaced.  Right now the norm is to let the teachers with the least seniority go, but that hardly seems fair.  Yet if we let principals decide on their own you know what a mess that would be.  I'd think a democratic group of administrators and teachers would be the best choice (and maybe not even ones from the same schools) but that's still asking for more time and uncomfortable choices than many will want.  How do we decide who is an "effective teacher" anyway?  Not just test scores, surely?  Food for thought, anyway.

The next one is from a speech given by our state's media association president to the legislature on the possible passing of a bill which would let administrators use media center money for other purposes.  This one seems clearer to me, but then I'm obviously biased in favor of school libraries.  Although is it really a bias when all the evidence points to agreement with your position?

(image cc "switch")