March 10, 2009

Building A Community of Readers

I'm sure you are familiar with Kidlitoshpere Central, a portal for news links and updates to all of the wonderful children and young adult literature bloggers out there on the interwebs. This month I want to make sure you’re familiar with a project put together by some of these bloggers called Share a Story-Shape a Future. They are spending this week rounding up posts from over a dozen bloggers about literacy and reading promotion. It includes educators, librarians, writers, illustrators, parents and more. To make it even more enticing (as if all that weren’t enough) they have some great give-aways planned. Check them out!

Day 1 was Raising Readers and was hosted by Terry at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub.

Day 2 is Selecting Reading Material and is being hosted by Sarah at The Reading Zone.

Day 3 will focus on Reading Aloud and will be hosted by The Book Chook.

Day 4 will focus on Visiting the Library and will be hosted by Eva’s Book Addiction.

Day 5 will focus on Technology and Reading and will be hosted by Elizabeth O. Dulemba.

Share and enjoy!