May 21, 2009


Last day with students was yesterday. I think the weather in our county changed do to the 14,000 teachers exhaling all at the same time.

Still tons to do on these "post-planning" days, but boy is it ever easier without those pesky children running around.

I'm kidding! I'm actually lucking out since I don't have to move classrooms for one of the first times ever. That's always nice. Although, I gotta say that I don't have that much sympathy for those that do. Being a resource teacher I haven't even had my own classroom for about half the time. I've taught in hallways, in empty cafeterias, and even outside. I've had to share rooms with up to four other teachers. I had one room on the other side of a gymnasium with balls being slammed against the wall. (That's the one where I mostly opted to teach outside on the fire escape.)

The other problem is teachers are just plain pack rats. I am to some extent, but man oh man have I been enjoying purging my files. I'd already gone more to overheads rather than copies, but now with the ceiling-mounted projectors, there's little need even for those. So I dumped a ton of paper into the recycle bin this week. It's my goal to make as few copies as possible next year. The other thing that helps is that I've had the students keep their own composition notebooks for the last two years. Keeps all their work and writing neatly in one spot with no copies. Nice to bring to conferences as well.

Here's to a great summer for you all!

(image cc flickr)