May 19, 2009

Perspective--47 Million Years of It

Meet Darwinius masillae also known as Ida. She's 47 million years old and flatter than a pancake, but sure is making headlines. You'll hear the grating "missing link" term bandied about. Ignore that nonsense and read a bit deeper for what really awesome about this find.

Here's some perspective from an evolutionary biologist. "She's got wider significance than just her relationship to our narrow line." That's better.

"Go ahead and be excited by this find, I know I am. Just remember to be excited tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, because this is perfectly normal science, and it will go on." I love science.

Here's some more perspective from a great science journalist (who gets extra points for referencing a Tom Waits song).

Here's a link to hyperbolic the media onslaught.

Update: Another science writer has fun with this story.