May 5, 2009

"My experience is what I agree to attend to."

The quotation is from William James.  It's from this article on time, attention and concentration. It's about some research in this area and a book, Rapt, by a Winifred Gallagher.  I haven't read the book, but it sounds like goes along with many of the things I've been thinking about lately and why I've been limiting my online time.

That's not true.  I've been online for the same amount of time.  I've just moved around some of the containers and removed some of the distractions.

Many people in our hyperconnected world seem to be doing fine, but many are struggling.  How much is too much and how do you draw the line?

I'm working on the answers for myself, but I think everyone has their own level of comfort.  As long as you're productive and happy and your other real-world relationships are strong, then you're probably fine.  If your girlfriend is leaving you because of your Twitter addiction then you might have something to work on.

The author of the article has set up a space for questions for the researchers here.

(image cc flickr)