May 4, 2009

Twitter Redux

Just to clarify, I have nothing against Twitter or any other social networking tool.  A commenter left a link for me that leads to this posting of uses for Twitter and I agree that there are many uses for such tools.  In fact, I'm loving the new Duck Duck Go search engine and now often make use of their right column link to Twitter searches for things that I want the most recent info on.  I don't need a Twitter account to do this however and I'm at a place where my personal time is more important to me than my social-networking time.

I enjoy blogging and using my feed reader.  I was less enamored of Facebook but see why it's so popular.  Twitter was fine, but due to limitations on my end (no access during the school day, not much time for it after the school day) I decided to give up my account.  I agree with Joyce Valenza that teacher-librarians should be aware of any new and useful communication or information tools out there that will help their clientele.  I don't think, however, that we need to be constant users or all of every single one of these tools.

Different people have different needs.  Some will like Diigo over Delicious.  Some will like 30Boxes over Google's Calendar.  It's good to be aware of the choices available and how they work--especially for us in the information media biz.  Ms. Valenza herself prefers to use a wiki rather than a bookmarking tool.  Pointing people to the right tool for them is important. But that doesn't mean I have to Ning and tweet and whatever else.  We can't be all things to all people. Why would we want to?

This weekend I was much to busy blowing bubbles and playing shadow tag with my six year old to worry much about it anyway...

(image cc flickr)