May 14, 2009

Teacherninja is Two

Two, huh?  Hope the blog goes easy on the tantrums, though.

This past year I made the virtual acquaintance of a whole gob of interesting people who dropped by.  Wish I had the time to name them all, but thank you all for commenting.  I love finding new blogs and old friends in the comment links and have learned so much this year from my fellow bloggers.

This year I also got into my media specialist program at UGA, wrote a novel, got a blog award, met my favorite skeptics at Dragon*Con, turned 40, read a few more books, found out you all much prefer the white background to the old black one, joined Kidlitosphere Central, joined the Comment Challenge, promoted Readicide and reading aloud, found a better time management system, had fun posting on April Fool's Day, built my daughter a playhouse, reevaluated my use of online tools, and...well...blogged a bit.

If I inspired anyone to read anything, teach a bit better, or to think about something a bit more critically then I'd have to call Year Two a success.  On to Year Three...