May 14, 2009

Read. Think. Teach.

I came up with that subtitle for the blog back when it first started just to broadly sketch out my areas of interest.  I like reading and promoting reading.  I like to think about things and am interested in critical and skeptical thinking in general.  I am a teacher, always looking to improve my practice.  All of these things are coming together with my new pursuit of becoming a media specialist, or as I like to say, a teacher-librarian.

I'm going to kick off a new (semi) regular feature tomorrow.  I have what I call "featured links" on the sidebar, but those of you who check this in their feed readers probably never see them. There are also things I come across in my web wanderings that I sometimes consider sharing but often never do.

So I'm hoping each Friday to post some of my favorite thought-provoking links from my web reading that week.  I say "semi" regular because I'm still in grad school and make no promises about regularity until I see if it becomes an easy habit to continue.  I also don't want it to be the only thing I post, but you never know.  I'm usually an infrequent summer blogger.

I used to post a weekly favorite quote but now just put up a random quote in the sidebar.  I'm debating whether or not to add that to the weekly post as well.

I won't post a crapload of links.  There are many in the blogosphere that go way overboard on these kind of things.  They also make the mistake of posting within hermetically sealed webs of interest.  Their readers have probably seen their links for themselves if it's a narrow field.  I try to have a bit of a broader scope and hope you see something each week that you would have missed otherwise.

Any thoughts are, of course, welcome.

(image cc flickr)