June 5, 2009

Read Think Teach for 5 June

Not too much this week. I just got back from Disney on Monday, opened up the old feed reader and clicked "Mark all as read" and got to work on my summer classes. Here's a few interesting tidbits to tide you over.

Google Wave looks mahvelous. (via Kristin)

Now that Kari from Mythbusters is pregnant, she's helping bust those crazy pregnancy myths.

Phil is dancing because Newsweek Slams Oprah. Yea, Newsweek!

Two cool Mars posts: First, one from Kids Lit. Next, it's that time of year again and Phil must tell everyone to ignore those forwarded emails and that no, Mars is not going to be as big as the moon and all that happy crappy.

In other news, Josh over at Teacher Magazine called me up and asked me about my opinions regarding a little something called Twitter. I'll be referred to as an "unnamed educational blogger." Maybe I should rethink this whole anonymous thing? Anyway, I'll let you know when it's up.